Planning Ahead

Nobody wants to think about the death of their pets, but their short lifespans mean that all pet owners - at one point or another - will be tasked with showing the same love and compassion to their furry, finned or feathered friends at the ends of their lives as they have during them.

In the same way that we make final care plans for the human members of our families, pre-planning for your pet’s final disposition can help to minimize the burden placed on you in the difficult hours of their deaths. Planning ahead for a loss gives you the ability to:

  • Carefully consider whether cremation or burial better suits your needs
  • Determine whether you want to hold a pet memorial service or purchase any specific memorial items
  • Assess your personal needs and budget accordingly
  • Ensure that all decisions can be made in a thoughtful way - rather than in the heat of the moment


Planning ahead for your pet’s death may seem morbid, but doing so allows you to put the plans in place that are best for you and your family - minimizing the chances that you’ll experience regret later on. Meet with your family members and take your needs and pet's personality into consideration. We’ll help facilitate your pet’s final arrangements when they are ultimately required.

If you have any questions or just want to talk through the different options that are available, call our office or send us an email. We’ll respond to your message within 24 business hours.